With us, you can fully focus on your business and we take care of your accountancy and taxes.

Reliability, Quality, Client oriented.

Our Services


We provide full economic services for our customers, so they can fully focus on the matter of their business. Our goal is the satisfaction of our clients, what we reach by the professional approach.

It does not matter whether you are big, medium or small company, self-employed,  non-profit organization or church; we have open door for you.

  • Accounting
  • Communication with Tax office, insurances and other institutions
  • Tax statements
  • Economic and tax advising
  • Regular statements and reports (also in English, German)
  • Audit
  • Documents for credit application
  • Communication also in English, German and Russian
  • Salaries and Human resources
  • Registration of employees in institutions
  • Representation of foreign client before institutions
  • Relocation services, Residency permits, communication with Foreign police
  • Establishing and registering companies
  • Mediation of selling companies

Why our Company?


Agreed dates apply and we do 100% to meet them.


We provide quality services for a good price. For long term clients the price agreement is possible.


We care of satisfaction of our clients and institutions. We care of filling their requirements.


We work in a way to make no complications for our clients. Our client get from us the 1st class service.

About us


Stepos Group is based on professional approach and experience. We make accountancy since the year 1991.

The professionalism of our employees is rewarded with a long-term cooperation and trust from our clients. Together with subsidiaries and associated companies we provide complex economic and legal services for clients from different business sectors, non-profit organizations and churches.

Our employees are regularly training and are experts in their field; always ready to provide advice and guidance, besides to normal working activities, so you can fully and safely focus on your business.


Lívia Vlčková

CEO. She have been  leading the company since 1996. She stood at its beginnings, and in the transformation to the Stepos Group in 2011. During the time of many years experience she was leading teams of accountants and worked on various financial, accounting, and consulting projects. Her experience, practical advice and quality work has gained the trust of many Slovak and foreign companies which have become clients for many years.

Ján Vlčko

CFO and consultant. He provides economic and credit analysis, risk analysis and financial consultancy.

Martin Vlčko

Martin focuses on the area of process control, analytical and strategic planning. He has practical experience from being abroad. His acurate knowledge has been gained by active studing and participating in academic campus.

“We know, that you have lots of duties and responsibilities every day. Let us care of communication with institutions, accountancy and taxation. We save not only your time, but also your worries. It is much better when you can fully focus on the matter of your business.”

Lívia Vlčková  Director



  • Tomašikova 30, 821 01 Bratislava
  • email: office @ stepos.eu
  • tel: 02/55 64 64 92

Contact us

Lívia Vlčková
+421 903 407 816

Ján Vlčko
+421 904 694 560

Tomašikova 30, 821 01 Bratislava